Climate Change Will Ultimately be Solved by Capitalists, Not Scientists

Let me begin by stating that there is indeed something happening with the climate. It is undoubtedly caused at least in part by the burning of fossil fuels but other factors also exist. Other factors that are caused by the overpopulation of our planet for example, Which I will discuss. But make no mistake, scientists won’t solve climate change, but the free market will

But first: overpopulation is never mentioned in the climate debate, but needs to be addressed. In 2021 the population of the planet earth was 7.846 billion people. By 2050, the population is expected to swell to 9.735 billion. And by 2100, 10.9 billion. Every one of us eats food, exhales CO2 and excretes liquid and solid waste. Our very existence and the ever growing population on this planet is absolutely an existential threat to the health of our world. The reason it’s never discussed is because no one would dare say that we need to reduce the planet’s population by several billion people in order for the planet to sustain itself. Worse yet, the majority of this population growth will occur in the poorest countries, the countries least able to deal with climate change. Several of the wealthiest countries already are at net 0 or negative growth. Russia, Germany, Ukraine and Japan are examples.

Whether we have the ability to reduce the warming of the planet by 1.5C with the population expected to reach 10.9 billion by the end of the century, even with a change to green energy, is unknown. Any scientist that says he or she knows exactly what we need to do to ensure we reach that goal, or whether that should be the goal, is a Liar!!! It’s a scientific guess perhaps, but a guess, nonetheless.

The fact remains that this problem didn’t occur overnight and it won’t be solved overnight. But nature is pretty resilient despite humanity’s best effort to destroy her. There have been articles written recently concerning the lack of snow in Sierras, in the western part of the US. One article said that there might not be snow on the peaks in the not too distant future. The Sierra Nevada mountains located primarily in California, provide much of the drinking water for the western states. Since that article was written, only a few short months ago, over 17 feet or 5.18 meters of snow has fallen. They are at a record pace for snowfall so far this season. And while it doesn’t eliminate the drought out west entirely, it will put a significant dent in the drought, especially if snow continues to fall.

I recognize that climate change is a long term measure, not a single event or season. However, the climate change emergency messengers use climate change for almost every significant weather event at this point, so it’s important that they are called out for doing so. Not every hurricane, tornado outbreak or wild fire, is a result of climate change. We live on a violent weather planet. It’s always been that way and it always will be. But as I wrote in a previous article, climate emergency or any other headlines meant to raise fear is not the most effective way to have people buy into the need to change to green energy for example. It simply makes sense. (Hollywood did a pretty poor job of convincing people in “Don’t Look Up,” which I will address next week).

More importantly, ensuring that as we move from a fossil fuel world to green energy world, those who are most vulnerable to that inevitable economic change, are provided for. Whether that means by education or training in these new technologies, there needs to be a concrete plan, not simply talking points. Politicians are wonderful on talking points but spare on specifics? Climate extremists would have the world shut down tomorrow, not understanding the ramifications. Increases at the pumps are a perfect example. And that’s why, despite their best intentions, teenager opinions need to be taken with a grain of salt. The have no scientific knowledge and they are lead by their emotions. They know and understand very little on how the entirety of the world works. What good is green energy if people lose their jobs and their homes. There needs to be a concrete plan that ensures stability of peoples lives if we are too move forward with all of the proposed initiatives.

Fossil fuels are a finite resource. They will eventually run out and can’t be replenished. Therefore the need to change will happen as a natural course of events. There will be money to be made from solar, wind and battery power and business leaders will chase that money. To those who think nothing should be about the profit motive, the fact is that the profit motive is what drives change and modernization. Capitalism drives innovation. Capitalism has done more to raise people from poverty than any other economic system that’s ever existed. Capitalism will ultimately drive the need for change to green energy.

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