Amnesty International is Clearly a Biased Organization

I don’t use the word antisemitic for every injustice against Jews. It’s a very serious alligation and shouldn’t be thrown around and used in every situation. So I’m not going to use it to address Amnesty International. But once, again this organization has demonstrated its bias against Israel and that is unwarranted and dangerous. The situation in the Middle East is complicated and not one sided. The report doesn’t address these complications in any way that could be considered useful. With everything happening in the Middle East, I find it interesting that Amnesty directed an allegation of Apartheid, at only the Jewish State.

The hatred and displaced anger at a people simply because of their religion is unconscionable. This is especially so, because at one point in history, a country and a continent of conspirators, decided to exterminate a group of human beings for absolutely no reason. One in three Jews on the face of the earth was gassed, shot, starved, died from disease or during horrific human scientific experiments and then incinerated in ovens by a monster and his complicit followers. The Holocaust is unparalleled in human history. Unparalleled!!! Whoopi Goldberg obviously didn’t understand the magnitude of what she was saying but how many people with a platform today, do the same thing? To her credit she apologized but has since been suspended from The View.

For those who think the suspension was too harsh, the problem is not just what she said, the problem is, the same argument is used by Holocaust deniers to explain how the Holocaust didn’t happen, and that many others were also killed by the Nazi’s. But no matter, the Holocaust was Uniquely Jewish. Hitler, himself wrote and spoke about the inferior “Jewish Race”, so how any person could take it upon him or herself to say otherwise, is incredibly arrogant and simply wrong. It’s a rewrite of history and that can’t happen.

Referring to Israel as an Apartheid state, makes no sense. Apartheid is uniquely South African. The term derives from Afrikaans which means, apartness or separation. There is a HUGE difference between Apartheid in South Africa and what has transpired in the middle east with Israeli and Palestinian territories over the past 74 years. Those who suffered so greatly in South Africa, were South African citizens. The “Real” South African citizens. They were treated horrifically, basically as slaves simply because of the color of their skin. All they wanted was equality and an opportunity to be part of their country.

In the middle east, however, the land was separated in 1948, with the blessing of the UN and the UK, into separate territories. The original UN Partition promised 56 percent of British Palestine to the new Jewish State. When Israel declared statehood, which was recognized by the US and the former Soviet Union, she was attacked by Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and what is present day Jordan. They lost. That’s the way war works. Many Palestinians were absolutely displaced following the war in 1948 as well as during the establishment of Israel as established by International law. Don’t do battle unless you’re willing to risk the consequences of your actions. But you’re not entitled to “do-overs” until you finally win. Each time she was attacked in 1967 and in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, which could have been lost, except for Israel’s superiority in the air, Israel took more land in order to safeguard her security. The spoils of war.

Israel is a Parliamentary Democracy. But Israel also needs to take measures that ensure her existence. If Israel was to open the West Bank and Gaza tomorrow, all that would transpire would be suicide bombers and rockets fired into Israel. There would also be destabilization in Egypt, which is why Egypt and Israel cooperate with regards to Gaza security. Egypt knows where the bigger threat lies. The middle east is very complicated and beyond a simple solution. It’s not “return to 67 borders and all will be peaceful” as some idealists and enemies would like people to believe. As a legitimate Democracy, Israel not only has the right to exist, but to defend herself.

It’s simply astounding that there are so many other places on earth where people are being tortured and ethnically cleansed, (China for example) but this organization, chooses to focus on the one Democracy in the middle east. Why hasn’t Amnesty called out Russia for Crimea or the military buildup at the Ukrainian border? There is clearly a double standard. Amnesty International needs to retract that report or at least discuss the circumstances as they exist. While this report is not binding and holds no power, it does give anti-Semites ammunition.

For all those American Jews, who believe that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is too harsh, they should have to go to Israel and serve in the military at the front lines. It’s easy for the “regressives” to sit in judgement, and to Monday morning quarterback what’s happening there. It’s very complicated and beyond the understanding of those Jews on the left with their idealistic views of how all people should hold hands and sing, “All we are saying, is give peace a chance.” Its cute but naive.

If there is to ever be a “real peace”, the Israeli’s will need a real partner in peace. She can’t negotiate with different governing bodies, one of which, regularly calls for the destruction of Israel. But that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone who simply wants to place all the blame of this untenable situation, squarely on the shoulders of Israel. If Amnesty International or any other organization or governments really want peace in the Middle East, they first need to demand that whoever negotiates, declares Israel’s unquestioned legitimacy and her right to exist. That is the starting point. Otherwise, there’s nothing to discuss and the situation will never be resolved.

One final point: I have seen many bullies beaten by someone weaker and that for me is very satisfying. The bully doesn’t become the sympathetic figure simply because he’s been beaten into submission. Given the opportunity, the bully would rebound and once again bully his victims. I believe it’s justice when the truly good guy isn’t the victim. Jews have been the victims of so many throughout history. Now they have their own country and nuclear weapons to defend her. And my final thought to Amnesty International is this……..Never Again!!!!

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