Perhaps There is no Solution to the Invasion of Ukraine

One would think that in 2022, with all of our technology, all the history, the United Nations, better international cooperation and social media, the world would rise to the occasion and head off what would be an obvious invasion of Ukraine, by Russia. For a couple of months, the US government was showing us very clear photos of Russian troops and tanks massing on the borders with Ukraine. One not need be any more experienced than a player of the board game Stratego, to comprehend what would happen next.

Other than some idle words, and hollow warnings, exactly nothing was done to reverse this escalation. This is a complete failure of the Biden administration, NATO and the free world. With modern technology and social media, the world has become a much smaller place. It wasn’t a sneak attack, it wasn’t a secret operation carried out under the cover of darkness without warning. It was an invasion of a free nation, with all the world watching and unable or unwilling to do anything. Completely unacceptable and a monumental failure of the international community.

More should have been done to ward off this conflict. Perhaps further negotiations with Putin or a greater threat of the use of force would have kept Putin from making the foolhardy decision to attack Ukraine. Maybe there is no solution to egregious aggression. Obviously the world hasn’t figured out a solution to avoiding conflict. Certainly our President, Vice President and advisors haven’t figured it out. Diplomacy must be exhausted and a way has to be found, to ward off conflict, short of appeasement. How is it that we are still in the same place that humans have been for hundreds and thousands of years? Might makes right. Solve problems by death and destruction.

None of us were privy to the actual discussions with Putin prior to the invasion but we do know there were areas of concern on Putin’s end, that were not entirely unfounded. Was the admission of Ukraine into NATO really the spark that started the fire or would Putin have looked for other reasons to invade Ukraine even with assurances that Ukraine wouldn’t join NATO? Is Putin planning on rebuilding the Soviet Union, meaning nothing short of the use of force will stop him? We will never know the truth but clearly Putin has a plan and what happens next is entirely up to NATO and the coalition of nations that have condemned the invasion.

Part of the problem is fear and part of the problem is that despite cooperation, most countries do not share similar needs or interests. That claim may be made, but time and again, it’s proven to be untrue. The pandemic was a prime example. We are all in the same storm but in very different vessels, even within individual countries.

Perhaps there is no answer. Perhaps humans are meant to fight. Perhaps, it’s in our very nature to take what we want when we can no longer get what we want by trading or bargaining. If ever there was a conflict that could and should have, been avoided, this is it. There was literally no provocation, although Putin would claim otherwise and nothing to be gained even if Russia wins this war. Russia will be no safer and will be considered the pariah of the world by most democracies. With sanctions in place and tightening, the lives of average Russians will continue to become more difficult.

Eventually this war will end even if there is no real resolution. Both sides will count their dead. There might even be a period of peace and tranquility but it will only be a matter time before the next conflict arises. Perhaps man is not meant to be happy or satisfied. It could be the reason that humans left their shores to conquer and colonize lands far from their own. To pillage and conquer might be man’s legacy. It reminds me of the Siege of Jerusalem on the Arch of Titus in Rome. It might just be that there is never enough. And if that’s the case, there will never be a long and lasting peace, as long as man inhabits the earth.

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