It’s Time for President Biden to Start Acting Presidential

President Biden continues to at least partially blame out-of-control inflation in the US on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While that may be partially true, it’s not the whole story. Gas prices were already on the rise prior to the invasion and would have spiked regardless. Covid, while still with us, is becoming an endemic. Fewer people are being hospitalized, and far fewer are dying. Supply chain issues should be improving, and the president should be leading that initiative. But that’s not what’s happening. Instead, he seems to have no focus and jumps around from crisis to crisis without any concrete plan. The reason for this is that he has no real agenda. He doesn’t stand for anything. He’s a leaf in the wind.

What needs to happen immediately is President Biden needs to reach out to Putin and demand a ceasefire negotiated by the United States. As part of that ceasefire, sanctions need to be addressed. However, there are two problems, 1) President Biden has assembled the weakest cabinet in my lifetime. Vice President Harris had never been abroad until last year. That’s incredible and only speaks to her inexperience. Where is Secretary of State Blinken? I’ve seen some snippets but he’s without question, the least visible Secretary of State in memory. He needs to engage the Russians and Ukrainians to end this conflict. 2) It’s as if Biden’s staff does its best to limit his exposure, leading people to wonder if his mental faculties have declined. At some point, Congress should address a maximum age restriction for the office of the President. A candidate must be at least 35 years old to assume the office, so no reason limitations can’t be made on an upper age limit.

President Trump was unlikable, nasty and trite, and January 6th should disqualify him from ever running for President again. However, Trump met with allies as well as adversaries. Furthermore, he did have certain beliefs, qualities that are needed to be President, an agenda and conviction being two of the most important. For example, insisting our allies pay their fair share to NATO and the UN, securing the borders, Israel making peace with more of her neighbors, energy independence, replacement of NAFTA with USMCA and appointing conservative Supreme Court Justices, and there are many others. You might not like or agree with his agenda, but at least he had one. What must be noted as well is that no new conflicts, anywhere in the world, started under the Trump administration. This, despite the fear of Democrats and the liberal media that he had the nuclear codes. He did accomplish much of what he promised, unusual in politics. Biden is the opposite of Trump, which is not a good thing. We needed someone who fell center of Trump and Biden and that didn’t happen.

Now the world is in worse shape, post pandemic and President Biden owns that, despite those who say it isn’t his fault. He’s now been President for almost a year and a half! It’s his fault. Two of the first things Biden did when he took office was the catastrophic failure in Afghanistan and shutting down the Keystone pipeline. Had he left that project alone, as opposed to placating the environmentalists, our gas prices certainly would have been lower than they are now. There would have at least been some hope to bring prices down. Now, there’s none. Shutting the pipeline project has had no effect on climate change and now he’s going to Saudi Arabia with his tail between his legs to ask the Saudis to increase oil exports to the US. That means, higher carbon emissions. If he had just followed Trumps energy policies perhaps, we wouldn’t be paying $5-$7 and higher in some states, for a gallon of gas. Our economy is not yet ready to go green and this will lead to a recession.

Add to that, the fact that the world is on the brink of war should certain things happen, i.e., China attack Taiwan, the conflict in Ukraine spreading to neighboring countries, Iran and North Korea building nuclear bombs and out of control inflation. It’s time for Biden and Blinken to insist on a sit down with Putin to once and for all end this unlawful and unjustifiable attack on Ukraine. He needs to address each of the very serious issues the world is now facing. He can start by making a list of priorities and then addressing and resolving each one. He needs to demonstrate some leadership, something he has failed to do in his first term. With everything discussed here, we are sitting on a powder keg. Biden is the President, and he needs to start acting Presidential.

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