New York Law Doesn’t Ban Sale of Whipped Cream but is Indicative of a Much Larger Issue

New York State passed a law that makes it illegal to sell whipped cream chargers to anyone under the age of 21. To clarify, it doesn’t ban the sale of Reddi Wip, whipped cream, as first reported by some media outlets. It only bans the sale of the silver metallic cartridges. When the gas inside is inhaled, it causes a person to feel high. Obviously, that’s not a good thing but neither is autoerotic asphyxiation. Are we going to ban that as well? Millions of Americans do stupid things every day. Can the government write laws that address every possible ridiculous Scenario? Should that even be the role of government?

These are the same people who forced us to stay in our homes during the pandemic. Whether or not you believe that was necessary, is not the point. People on the left appear willing to sacrifice their freedoms, if they think the government is protecting them. We don’t need to be protected by our government in most cases, we need to be protected from government. People who lean right, not MAGA right but right of center, understand that freedom comes from citizens, not from government. In case you need a history lesson, We the People!! are the reason we are free, not our government.

If you don’t understand that, you didn’t read or pay attention in history class, never read the Declaration of Independence or US Constitution. If the government can lock you in your home, we are no better than an autocracy like China. There’s no room for compromise on this just like there can be no compromise on free speech. You might not like what someone else says but if you’re not willing to defend their right to say it, you should move to North Korea, Cuba or China!! We know that’s the case because so many Americans have no problem ruining people’s lives who don’t fall into line or agree with their prospective, no matter how extreme.

That is not to say the government doesn’t have a role to play in our lives. I wholeheartedly believe in the EPA’s mission for example. Someone needs to stand up to corporations that pollute our water. None of us has enough power or influence to make that happen. In that case we need a powerful government agency to stand against those who would poison us without remorse. However, should it be the government’s responsibility to tell us that we can’t drink certain sizes of soda? Should the New York City MTA post signs on the back of buses that state, “get out of that car and into this bus?” Can government really force us out of our cars if it so chooses? Why not?

Many left leaning New Yorkers, who live in Manhattan or outer borough neighborhoods like Park Slope, who don’t own automobiles due to their proximity to mass transit, would happily abide by congestion pricing and other laws that don’t pertain to them. There’s an old Yiddish saying that loosely translates to, “someone’s else’s burdens, I can carry.” But if it affects them, like mandated vaccinations for their children in order to attend school, that’s where these people draw the line. Government overreach!!! Vaccinations cause autism, which is completely false. Polio, a disease that was eradicated, has returned because of the anti-vaxers. But if the government says stay inside, and I choose not to, that makes me evil and selfish. Interestingly, vaccinations are one of the few issues of agreement for the far right and far left camps

If someone chooses not to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle, that should be their prerogative, even if foolhardy. Everyone chooses how to live their lives in a manner that works for them. I might not think skydiving is a good idea but it’s not my right or concern to tell others they can’t. That’s the beauty of living in a free society. It’s frightening to think that we are at the mercy of government decisions that impact our lives, and that millions of Americans support the government’s right to do so.

If we are to remain a free country or a place that we perceive to be free, we need to limit government intervention. As mentioned earlier government agencies like the EPA, play a vital role in keeping people safe. However, when it comes to personal freedoms, and silly laws like the whipped cream cartridge law, the government needs to limit its involvement in our lives.

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