Climate Change Will Not Destroy Our Planet

Every day I read stories about the Climate Emergency. Stories about how weather is causing suffering, costing billions of dollars, and how we’re already in the next mass extinction. It’s as if they don’t know about the Dust Bowl from the 1930’s. A little early to claim climate change. While I certainly recognize that climate change exists and we need to make strides towards fully transitioning to renewable energy, it’s going to take some time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Despite what scientists and the media claim, not every natural disaster is due to climate change. It’s why you hear scientists make statements like strong correlation, highly probable or there’s a link between climate change and the severity of storms. They cannot claim that Hurricane Ian wouldn’t have formed if not for climate change.

Stating that a storm’s ferocity is exacerbated by climate change is logical, but unproven, although warmer water temperatures, act as fuel for hurricanes. The direction the hurricane takes when making landfall is far more important than the storm itself. Rather than heading up to New England and away from New York, as is normally the case, Hurricane Sandy came on land and drove a wall of water with it. But Hurricane Sandy was barely a hurricane. There was no rain at all which is why the only flooding derived from storm surge. The winds gusted to hurricane force but were un-sustained, which is why it’s referred to as “Superstorm Sandy.” It was unimpressive unless you lived directly on the coast and were flooded out of your home.

All one need do is look back from 1991 to the present and trace the paths of all the tropical storms and hurricanes, to visually understand Sandy’s unusual path. We will not see another Sandy on the east coast for decades. Sandy had absolutely nothing to do with climate change. I would welcome a public debate with anyone, on that particular storm. The devastation was caused by inadequate infrastructure, which resulted in the terrible flooding. It’s time to tell the true story which lies somewhere between climate emergency panic and climate change denial.

People the world over depend on oil, gas, and coal to survive, especially as those in the northern hemisphere head into winter. For those people, the present is far more important than the future, because there is no future if you don’t survive the present-day frigid temperatures. There are no current alternatives as most people aren’t yet in a position to add solar panels. In some Places there isn’t enough sun during the winter to be effective. In countries that are historically hot in the summer and even warm in the winter, there’s a conflict of interest. One more example of how in many cases we’re not in this together. We in fact have different personal interests.

The west coast drought is man-made, caused by a serious misuse of water and the 40 million people that nature simply can’t sustain. A river and mountain snows are not enough regardless of climate change. It wouldn’t have been ok in the 19th century, and it won’t be ok, even if we reach zero emissions. Here on the east coast, our reservoirs our full. We live in a temperate climate and rarely experience drought. Weather patterns flow from west to east and with the Gulf of Mexico to our South and the Atlantic Ocean to our east, New York lies in an ideal location to receive copious amounts of rain. While we had a fairly hot, dry summer, it was otherwise average in every way.

Late fall has produced frigid temperatures and feet of snow across the mountains of the west and northwest of the United States and Canada. Buffalo experienced record lake effect snows but based-on winter weather predictions, the great lakes will eventually freeze, ending that threat. As I write this, it’s 10F (-12C) in Minneapolis Minnesota and temperatures will remain cold through the remainder of 2022 and into the New Year. Highs in North Pole Alaska in the coming weeks won’t rise above 0F (-18C). While I understand that climate change affects the entire planet, and not just certain areas, the fact that much of our planet remains at or below normal, means we still have some time before the end of the world is upon us.

I have written a couple of articles on climate change which are admittedly, redundant but it’s important to continue the pushback against the panic. Rather than battling with those who are essentially unaffected by climate change and therefore, less willing to accept that it’s happening, explain the issue as one that simply makes sense. Oil is a finite resource, that pollutes our water and air, and will eventually be in short supply. Wind and solar power on the other hand are infinite and clean. This past summer, there wasn’t a single named stormed in the Atlantic in the month of August. That’s highly unusual but received little airtime because it’s contrary to the message. What was supposed to be a very active hurricane season ended up being very average. The current narrative is the wrong approach in convincing people that we need to change the way we live and travel in preparation for a fossil free future. It will happen and the world will still exist when it does.

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