There’s no “M” in VALENTINE

What could be better than a day dedicated to Love and Romance? Two things that the world has far too little of in my opinion. My wife loves this day and everything it represents, and I agree. So, as we always do, we’ll celebrate with a romantic dinner and a bottle of champagne. To everyone who feels the same way, Enjoy!!

However, there is one grievous Valentine’s Day error that must be corrected. Valentine’s does not contain an “M”. I repeat, No “M” in Valentine. I’m not sure from where this originated, but an M and N are clearly two different letters of the Alphabet and difficult to confuse. When I hear people call it Valenti”m”e’s Day, I simply cringe and assume they can’t read. It’s not something I understand. Perhaps there’s someone out there who knows or understands the reason for this mispronunciation or more accurately, misreading of the word. Please comment if you know the answer. I, for one, would love to know.

You may ask why I chose to point this out. The reason is, if I can assist in fixing one thing today, I have made a small contribution to humankind. So, when wishing your friend, significant other, spouse or any other person that you celebrate with, Happily Wish them a Very Happy Valentine’s Day. Let’s fix this great faux-pas, once and for all.

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