Tiger Woods in Hot Water After Tampon Joke Goes Wrong

Tiger Woods is being roasted in the media as a misogynist following a joke gone wrong. It all started at the Genesis International golf tournament when Woods drove a ball more than ten yards further than 29-year-old Justin Thomas. Wood’s, 47, hit a 323-yard drive and demonstrated that despite approaching 50 and being rusty, he can still drive a golf ball a long way. Although he did shoot a 69 in the previous round. In response to his long drive, beating friend and fellow competitor Thomas, Woods handed him a tampon, essentially saying that Thomas hits a ball like a girl, or some such meaning. It wasn’t intended to be misogynistic but rather how men relate to each other. Like it or not.

In these terribly divisive and politically sensitive times, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing he could do, although it appeared that both Woods and Thomas enjoyed the joke thoroughly. Thomas tossed the tampon to the ground making apparent, what was probably meant to be an inside joke. As a result, Tiger Woods was forced to apologize. Following the round, he addressed the controversy, “it was supposed to be all fun and games and obviously it hasn’t turned out that way.” Woods continued, “If I offended anybody in any way, shape or form, I’m sorry. It was not intended to be that way. It was just we play pranks on one another all the time and virally I think this did not come across that way.” It’s actually out of character for Woods on the course, who’s normally very stoic when playing golf. He ultimately shot a two over, 74, meaning that perhaps he needed to focus more on his game and less on the jokes.

While I can certainly understand logically and intelligently why this joke is offensive, I also believe we’ve become too sensitive. One of the problems with making believe that there’s no difference between gender and sexes, is that when we pretend, we are shocked when something like this occurs. These types of jokes, in these times, are considered highly offensive, particularly by those looking to be offended. But in the scheme of things, it couldn’t be more unimportant. He made a joke, with his friend. Guys do that all the time and that will never, ever change. It’s not cultural or societal, it’s how men relate to each other. If someone is offended, don’t support or watch him. He should certainly not be ostracized or boycotted.

I want to say he made a mistake and should be forgiven, but that’s not all I want to convey. What needs to be said and is simple reality for those who are easily offended and enjoy being offended, (we used to call these people injustice collectors), get over it! Get a thicker skin and stop being offended by everything that you don’t like or agree with. Men and women are different. We have many commonalities, important and necessary to being in a lifelong marriage, but we also look at the world differently. We have different senses of humor on some topics and that’s fine. Society will never be able to change that. It might attempt to drive it into hiding temporarily, but it will never be eliminated entirely. Part of the beauty of a being in a traditional marriage are our differences and I will never back down to anyone in making that statement. My wife and I brought very different gifts to our two sons, and that should not only be accepted, but celebrated. She actually thought the joke was pretty funny, which is why we’re married for 33-years.

So, while I understand the controversy, I also understand the joke. It’s really not a big deal. Part of this has to do with the media and the web, but there are certainly people out there who are incensed by this. To those I would say, Congratulations!! You have so little to worry about in your life, that this is what concerns you. Instead of being incensed, you should be thankful, and grateful. There are so many legitimate issues that require more attention and are far more important, than a joke between friends. Anger and outrage will not fix the ills of society. Let’s move on!

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