Clarifying Sex and Gender

There are only two sexes: male and female. Intersex, is not a sex but rather an abnormality that hopefully can be resolved so that the baby can function normally when it grows to adulthood both sexually and in its ability to have children. Babies born intersex are usually predisposed to being either male or female in terms of reproduction. Ovaries but no testicles, even though there may be a scrotum for example. It’s very complex but I’m unsure as to how it became part of LGBTQIA, as it’s a health condition only. I make this very important point because truth and science matters. The far right often takes brutal criticism for ignoring science but, the left displays the very same level of ignorance, based solely on emotions. No more proof needs to be offered than the fact that in human reproduction, a sperm and egg are absolutely essential. There is no “third sex.” This idea that because something occurs means it’s “normal,” is wrong. Cancer would be the perfect example.

Therefore, determining a sex at birth, in the vast majority of cases, is quite simple, scientific and logical. Sex is not assigned, it just is. A baby with a penis is a boy in terms of reproduction and a baby with a vagina is a girl. The baby with male genitals will never be able to birth children. Biologically, the penis, is merely the delivery system for impregnating the female by ejaculating sperm into her vagina. The female, assuming normal and healthy, becomes pregnant when an egg, only produced by human females in this case, is fertilized by the sperm and implants itself in the uterine wall. As a former biology major, I could have given far greater detail, but the point has been made. The discussion about sex being assigned at birth is a ridiculous conversation, unless again, the baby is Intersex and does in fact show signs of both female and male genitalia. In that case, determining sex might have to wait until puberty and medical intervention may be required.

Gender is very different from sex. The case can be made that we, as human beings, assign gender based on the genitals of the baby. Whether a parent at that point decides to dress the female baby in pink and the male child in blue, is entirely up to the parents. In some cases, the parents may decide to dress their baby in neutral colors. But the vast majority of babies will grow up to identify, as is determined by their sex, whether straight or gay, regardless of the color of their clothing.

There are a small number of people who truly suffer from gender dysphoria. They need to receive the appropriate treatment. But this dysphoria epidemic and the people and medical professionals who gladly buy into this, for an agenda and the mighty dollar, need to be held accountable. No young girl, under the age of 19, should be considered for the removal of healthy breasts. That is malfeasance and malpractice. If the argument is that the child is suicidal, the answer is to find out from what else the child suffers and to support that child until at least adulthood. There are other medications, including anti-depressants that might help. Teenagers are over dramatic by definition and incapable of making such decisions and in some cases, neither are their parents. They might be so desperate to help their child, they will try anything.

The trans community strategy has been to confuse sex and gender, so as to legitimize their arguments. For example, there are 100 genders. Even if that was the case, what difference does it make? The sex of a child, meaning penis testicles, or vagina, ovaries, fallopian tubes cervix, determines whether that person is male or female. Gender plays no role unless that person chooses a role different from their sex. But that’s not biology and there is no provable science behind it. The fact that modern medicine can administer puberty blockers or provide estrogen for trans females, doesn’t negate the fact that they are in fact biologically males. That’s the reason they require the hormones. This is important because the arguments that trans females have no advantage over biological females is wrong, and a lie. Lia Thomas, a below average male swimmer and Aspen Hoffman, a below average male runner, both transformed into elite athletes when competing against females. It’s unfair to girls and women and a clear violation of Title IX.

No one should face bullying or discrimination regardless of gender or sex. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to accept, trans women using female locker rooms, bathrooms or competing against girls and women in athletic competition. The attempt to remove sexuality from the discussion is not only naive but blatantly wrong. The trans community accusing those who bring up sex as filthy or perverse, expect that to end the argument. But that’s no longer happening. Simply because a trans gender female dresses in female clothes, takes hormones and wears makeup, doesn’t mean that she’s female sexually or even asexual. In the case of Lia Thomas, who still has a penis, according to female swimmers in the locker room, he is sexually male. If she’s attracted to females, it would be no different than someone who identifies as a male, being in the locker room, and that’s unacceptable. Transgender females with penises, are not biologically female and then you have the argument of which is more important. Since only one can be proven scientifically, that’s the one that needs to take precedent.

I recently read an article concerning gay men in male locker rooms. That’s a false equivalence. Most males, straight or gay, aren’t going to stare at, or approach other males in a locker room. There’s locker room protocol. But a straight man in a female locker room, would be threatening to women. Otherwise, all locker rooms and bathrooms would be unisex. But that isn’t going to happen, nor should it. Therefore, trans women, should not be permitted to use the women’s locker rooms or bathrooms. This doesn’t apply to transgender males, because they aren’t a threat to males. It’s highly unlikely for a transgender male to undress or shower with biological males. There’s a reality that cannot be ignored.

Threatening or insulting people who raise these very legitimate points, is no longer effective and is part of the reason why hundreds of so-called anti-trans laws are being introduced across the country. It’s not just MAGA or conservatives who feel this way, but average Americans. Regardless of political affiliation, they don’t want their daughters having to compete against males. The very small minority has at last awakened the vast majority, including large sports organizations. Perhaps it was Covid or fear of retribution, but more and more average people and politicians are rejecting the arguments being put forth by the trans community and there will be no turning back.

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