Zimmerman Case

The Zimmerman case is actually quite simple; open and shut case in my mind.  His pursuit of the victim even after he was told to stand down and then murdering the victim who was unarmed, makes this quite clear.  You can’t purposely put your self in danger and then claim your life was in danger.  He is not a member of a police force.  He is a make believe super hero, (or so he thought).  Florida’s law is not meant to allow anyone who feels danger to shoot anyone that he or she feels poses a threat.  If that was the case, the streets would be a killing field.  It is more an extension of the Castle Doctrine which I wholeheartedley support.  Had Mr Martin been on Mr. Zimmerman’s property and acting suspiciously, this case would look a lot different.  We do and should have the right to protect our families and property.  That was not the case in this instance.

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