One more example of why we don’t want to be Europe

Anders Behring is on trial for the brutal slaying of 77 people, mostly children and he is facing 21 years in prison.  He might even be deemed insane.  Well of course he’s insane.  Normal people don’t execute 77 human beings.   He has admitted to the crime.  No, he has bragged about the crime, showing absolutely no remorse.  If this is not a situation where the death penalty should apply I don’t know what is.  It’s not about revenge, it’s about justice.  He could be a free man again some day when deemed no longer a threat to society.   Are you kidding me?  He shouldn’t have that chance.  His crime is too heinous to ever consider him for release.  The death penalty, no matter how repugnant to some, is justifiable in this instance.  The slippery slope argument, which is always a weak one, should not bias one’s opinions.  There is no question of guilt here.  One need not worry about whether or not an innocent man is being executed.  And maybe, just maybe, it might deter another unspeakable act like this from being carried out.  Apparently, he was inspired by another fanatic, Timothy Mc Veigh.  But in that case the US dealt with him in the only appropriate fashion.  It might or might not have detered another home grown terrorist from attempting a similar act but if nothing else, it rid the world of an unimaginable monster.  The same fate should befall Anders Behring.

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