Defining The One Percent

The single most important issue never addressed since the beginning of the Occupy movement is the definition of the 1%.   It’s a large part of the reason, the Occupy movement, if not dead, is in hibernation.  It’s utterly deceiving and a false premise to lump multi millionaires and billionaires against everyone else.  So who are the one percenters?  Clearly the Warren Buffet’s, Donald Trumps, Mitt Romney’s and Nancy Pelosi’s of the world, along with many of the A list actors and actresses who support the movement.  But this is really not the issue.  The real issue, is the millions of families in this country that are part of the 99%, who own homes, two cars and take their families to Disney World.  The movement makes it an all or nothing; black or white end game.  That simply is not the case.  Until the occupiers understand this, the movement will never be anything more than a group of disorganized, disenfranchised, disenchanted people, with no real direction.  It’s not enough to say I’m angry at Wall Street or angry at banks.  Many of the 99 percenters own their homes and cars by working for Wall Street and I’m not referring to the people earning twenty million dollars a year.  That is an indisputable fact and one that will not go away because some people in this country don’t like it.   If the occupy movement is to ever gain real traction, it will need to define itself.  It will need to come up with clear, concise reasons for being; an agenda, a platform.  Nothing is ever accomplished by simply marching or having a sit in.  Every successful movement, whether the fight for rights in the workplace or the Civil Rights Movement had a clearly defined purpose.  This is something that it clearly has never done.  On a side note; there will never again be another Woodstock.

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