Rubio or Rice? Instant Credibility

It appears that Mitt Romney will indeed be the GOP candidate for President.  Whether you like Mitt or not is not the issue.  What counts now is his choice for VP.  Never has the choice been more important than in this election.  Romney is a polarizing force within the GOP and certainly with independents and women.  Therefore, the correct choice for VP can bring him and the GOP instant credibility.  It’s ironic that Sarah Palin did so much to hurt the ticket in 2008 despite her ardent supporters.  And in 2012, the VP choice can have the opposite effect; perhaps be enough to put the GOP over the top.  Either Rubio or Rice would be excellent choices.  Both would help Romney where he is weakest, minorities and women.  Both are intelligent and would stand up well against the media.  I’m sure both can name a newspaper or a book that they have read in the past 12 months.  It would help round out the ticket and and make the 2012 election a legitamate contest.  This is Romney’s first real test.  Will he pass?!

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