Sensless Slaying Of Khalil Rasjed Dale

Unfortunately, the evil that lives in men forces the good people in the world to do “evil”.  I put the word evil in quotes because killing, even for a just cause, is a necessary “evil”.  Let me explain.  The erradication of the Nazi Empire was necessary but what it forced the world to do was to take it’s collective mind off the ability and focus to do good so that we could build bigger and better weapons in order to massacre the “evil” that was being perpetrated througout Europe.  The killing of Khalil Rasjed Dale in Pakistan is just another in an ongoing history of evil acts against the forces of good.  There is no Devil.  The Pakistan Taliban murderers are the Devil as are all of the historically evil men who, for puposes I cannot understand, want to enslave, destroy, rape and murder.  The murderers of Khalil must be brought to justice and pay the ultimate price if convicted.  That’s the sadness here.  Good people forced to do “evil” even if the cause is just, casts a horrible shadow over what civilized human beings refer to as the human race.

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