Horrific Crash Kills Seven

The family of the seven people killed on the Bronx River Parkway deserve time to grieve.  But the cause of the crash must be determined.  Cars or SUVs traveling at highway speeds don’t lose control, strike the center divider cross the other lanes and flip over the guardrail.  One thing is certain, the car was traveling at a high rate of speed.  Assuming the driver attempted to hit the brakes at some point, the car should have slowed down enough to avoid such a horrible accident.  And it wasn’t faulty brakes.  The driver was speeding.  No doubt.  Hopefully nothing else is found such as alcohol or drug use because it would compound this tragedy even further.  The driver caused the deaths of her own family and at the same time put other lives at risk.  While it is important to be sympathetic, it is also crucial that we tell it the way it is.  Perhaps another tragedy of this magnitude can be avoided.

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