Ferry Capsizes in India – Scores Perrish

This story is one that we often hear about in third world countries.  Ferry accidents have been in the news a number of times over the past couple of years with many hundreds of lives lost.  What amazes me is that after so many tragedies, why does nothing change?  In this latest incident the ferry was overcrowed, (usually the case) and there were no lifeboats.  How is that possible?  Even the Titanic,  one hundred years ago had lifeboats for half the passengers.  The tough question that must be asked here is, does having money equate to having common sense?  Would anyone reading this board an overcrowed ferry with no lifeboats?  Why don’t people of the third world have common sense?  The argument of being poor and down trodden has no place here.  Common sense is common sense.  Why would the Indian government allow a ferry to carry no life boats?  It’s just mind boggling.  Perhaps this is the reason that even in 2012, even with many highly educated people, even with nuclear weapons, a country like India continues to lag behind the western world in so many areas.  A tragedy like this should never be allowed to happen again in India but of course it will.  Something to contemplate.

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