Yeardley Love’s Family Sues

The case of Yeardley Love’s murder is truly tragic and sad.  It raises every emotion for anyone with a conscience.  How could this happen?  Why didn’t anyone intercede?  There must have been signs of this potential threat.  But whether you can hold coaches, staff and the state accountable for another person’s behavior is a very complicated question.  What are the legal obligations of school officials in this case?  Are there legal obligations or are they simply moral obligations?  I suppose that is for the courts to decide.  Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit one thing in abundantly clear; we must do more to protect our childern from unstable predators.  The vast majority of people in this country are law abiding, conscientious human beings who strive for all of the great things this country has to offer.  But we as a family, The United States Family, must collectively rise up to ensure that these types of predators are dealt with harshly, to the greatest extent of the law, (the dealth penalty would have been appropriate in this case).  We have become a society that is more interested in protecting the rights of the accused than the rights of the victims and that is the sadest commentary of all.   George Huguely will one day walk out of prison and still have much of his life ahead of him.  The same can’t be said for Yeardley Love.

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