Arizona’s New Restrictive Abortion Law

With the passing of the Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priority Act, the Republican party has essentially declared a “War on Women”.  Abortion is just one service provided to women at Planned Parenthood.  They also provide cancer screening and a multitude of other potentially life saving procedures.  What this act does is basically state that Arizona doesn’t care if women die from cervical cancer as long as they don’t kill the “unborn”, whatever that means.  What if the only way to save the life of the mother is to abort a fetus?  I suppose that woman is out of luck.  This Abortion stance has no place in the Republican Party.  The Republican party is supposed to be about smaller government and most importantly “Keeping Government out of our personal lives”  These extremists state on the one hand, don’t take away our guns, (which I wholeheartedley support as an NRA Member) but on the other hand, why isn’t the governament doing more to protect helpless unborn babies?  You can’t have it both ways!!  Unfortunately, the Party has been hijacked by religious and in many cases uneducated individuals who have no control of their own lives so they need to control the lives of others.  Women of course, are always an easy target.  Next year, the Roe v Wade decision will be forty years old.  It must continue to be respected as the law of the land.  Abortion is not an act of “murdering babies”, it is a legitimate medical procedure that needs to be available and a private matter between doctors and patients.  Arizona has again taken a step in the wrong decision.  One last point, I describe abortion as the “Right of the Unborn Not To Have To Be Born”.  Life is about quality, not just about breath.  Anyone with a conscience would understand this.  Life from the the center.

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