John Travolta – Did he or didn’t he? Is he or isn’t he?

Only John Travolta really knows what happened regarding the lawsuit brought agaimst him and until all the facts are out, no one should rush to judgement.   Who really cares if he’s gay or straight?  I suggest people spend more time on improving their own lives then wasting time following the misfortunes of others.  There are a number of leading men who are gay and will in all liklihood stay closeted.  Some I know of personally, but that’s not my business.  That is their choice and they should be respected by both the straight and gay communities.  If it turns out he did anything wrong, he should pay the price for his trangression.   But until that time, let’s not rush to judgement.  One thing is not up for dispute, no one was cooler than Tony Manero.

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