Message to Romney

Mr Romney, the only way to win this next election is to move to the place you have always been; the political center.  Actions speak lounder than words and your actions as Massachusetts Governor can not be mistaken.  The fringe of the Republican Party have dominated for far too long.  There are many centrist conservatives out there that back you, (independents and Republicans) but find it troubling that you are having difficulty finding your own voice.  Your election does not hinge upon the minority of religious, zealots who wish to control the party.  In the general election you will need the center as well as the right.  If you lose the right extremists where do they turn?  The right fringe of the party has no choice but to vote for you or face four more years with a President they detest.  In the meantime, you are in a position to gain the support of many voters with whom you trail badly, mainly women.  Take back the Republican Party.  As the Republican Presidential candiaidte you are the leader of the party not the Puppet of the party.   It’s time to lead Mr. Romney.  That’s what leaders do.

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