Poll: Most Egyptians think US aid billions have ‘negative effect’

This headline was pulled from the the NBC website and demonstrates just how backwards Egypt appears to be following the so-called Arab Spring.   We should pull every penny of our aid from them.  It will only be used against eventually anyway.  But of course we would never do that because both parties believe that the dollars in some way, buy us influence.  This is nonsense.  Although there is still no democracy in Egypt (and there never will be democracy) if one optimistically looks back on the Arab uprising one would think some lesson was learned.  But of course not.  As predicted, the Arab Spring was nothing more than one evil, power hungry group wresting power from another evil, power hungry group.  Amazingly, 6 out of 10 Egyptians would like to see strict Islamic law enforced in the country.  Do I even need to go further?!  Apparently the Egyptians choose tryanny over tyranny.   Something that always amazes me about very liberal people is that their strong desire for everyone to get along and love each other overides absolute logic and historical reasoning.  The Arab world will Never be democratic or free so the most anyone should hope for is a realtionship like the one we share with Jordan.  King Abdullah understands that the smallest threat to Jordan’s sovereignty in the Middle East comes from  Israel.  The same could be said for Mubarak and Sadat before him.  Iran and formerly, Iraq were and are the real threats to Middle East Peace.  Today of course it is even more complicated with players such as the Taliban and Al Queada.  It’s so bad in Egypt right now that 60% of the country would like to see the 1979 peace accord with Israel, overturned.  If Egypt does overturn the 1979 peace treaty it will mean two things; 1) Preisdent Carter’s term in office was the most useless of any modern day president, (more on him tomorrow) and 2) a further escalation of tensions and possibly war will follow.  President Obama must get off the sidelines and start taking action.  I can’t remember a President who has been less involved with Middle East affairs than this one.  If The President doesn’t immediately use his tremendous influence to change the course of the Middle East, particularly Egypt, it will be too late.

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