Breast Implants as a Graduation Gift

Giving your daughter the “gift” of plastic surgery, (particularly breast implants) upon graduating from high school absolutely sends the wrong message to a young woman.  Regardless of anyone’s opinion, what it really says is “you’re not good enough the way you are”.  We’re not talking about fixing a cleft pallet.  We are talking about larger breasts.  It sets a very dangerous precedent that if you’re not “so-called” perfect you can’t be happy.  Wouldn’t it send a stronger message if we stressed the importance of loving yourself the way you are?  In all my travels I have yet to see perfect.  I have seen models and actresses and they all have “so-called” flaws.  Air brushing does wonders.  But what is truly troubling about this trend is loss of understanding that confidence, strength and sense of purpose, comes from inside.  If you need to look a certain way to be confident or to feel good about yourself, you need to do some serious soul searching.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best, everyone should.  But as a society we have reached a level of shalowness never before approached.  It’s not ok to give your 17 or 18 year old daughter breast implants as a gift.  Doctors should not perform the procedure on such young women, period, end of story.

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