Chevy Volt and the Future of Cars

When I purchased my Chevrolet Volt fourteen months ago, it was as much to show my sons how technological I was as it was to show my desire to save the planet.   Never would I have believed how much I would grow to love this car.  Afterall, I turned in my beloved convertible to purchase one.  As it turns out, it is an incredible piece of technology and has saved me much money and time at the gas pump.  I should also mention that there is almost no service required.  I will probably have to change the oil in the generator after the second year.  As gas prices fall, (that’s a joke) we should not become complacement.  Now is the time to wean off gasoline.  Yes there is still some work to do and yes it is still expensive even with government subsidies but we can’t let that deter us as a nation.  Those that want this program scrapped have only self serving reasons at heart.  Flat screen HDTVs were $10,000 when they first hit the market.  Today they are affordable to almost everyone.  Part of the resason for the high unemployment in the country is that for many years we did not innovate.  Apple was a grand failure early on but look where it stands today.  Aren’t there any people left in this country with forsight?  Don’t we want to lead the world in this technology as opposed to playing catchup as we have so often done in the past couple of decades?  The thing about technology is that it changes quickly.  The batteries are becoming better and cheaper.  But if we don’t start somewhere, things will never change.  All the naysayers out there, take a Volt for a test drive and have your minds changed.  Once you drive one, you won’t want to drive anything else.  The only thing that could make this car better is if GM builds a Volt convertible.

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