Arizona Baseball Team Forfeits Due to Girl on Second

The story of Our Lady of Sorrows Academy’s forfeiture to Mesa Prep speaks volumes on how little these young men are being taught.  This issue is more about male domination over the Church then a girl on second base.   Very rarely will I address issues of religion because where religion comes in to play, logic and reasoning go out the window, so there is no point.  However, this insane stance on not playing another team with a female player is unacceptable and should be confronted head on.  Mesa Prep’s headmaster was certainly cordial while giving the opposing team credit for moral fortitude.  But honestly, this is nothing more the outright bigotry; misogyny at it’s very core.  What lesson can be learned from this?  The only lesson being taught is that woman are not as good as men.  I’m quite sure if the game was oral sex in the back seat they’d be playing with her.  This is disgraceful and downright cowardly.  As a 4th degree black belt in street fighting Ju Jitsu, I train the women in my school to take no prisoners.  Women are overwhelmingly more likely to be attacked by men so they must be able to end the conflict swiftly and without mercy.  That’s the reason why woman fight men in my dojo in hand to hand combat.  If I did not afford them this type of combat what would they be up against if they had to defend themselves in a real life situation?  The same can be applied on the field of baseball.  If this young woman is good enogh to play against young men she should have that right.  How far could she go if only given the opportunity?  That might be the greatest shame of all.  If we accept this type of behavior in the name of religious nonsense, we will never change the overall attitudes towards women in this country.  My wife is smarter than I in every way and I’m damn proud of it.

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