Floyd Mayweather and His Legacy

After viewing the Mayweather-Cotto fight for the second time last night it was clearly evident that he not only won the fight but dominated it as well.  Jim Lampley kept referring to the fight as the toughest of his career.  That might be so.  But when a man has faced so little competetion anything other than a clean sweep looks competitive.  Afterall, he did have a bloody nose and Cotto was in pursuit for much of the night despite the fact that Floyd stood toe to toe more often than he has in the past.  But of everything I saw in the fight, the thing most evident is how little puinshment Floyd actually endured.  And then it hit me.  Floyd Mayweather is the most intelligent fighter who ever walked in to a ring.  He has been fighting for what essentially is his whole life and has had the god given ability to stay out of harms way while remaining undefeated and earning hundreds of millions of dollars.    There is no question that few fighters in history have had his ability.  I put both Sugar Rays up there with him (Robinson and Leonard) not Mosley.  What Floyd’s career does lack however is a truly signature fight.  Leonard had several including Hearns, Duran II and Hagler.  Ali had Frazier.  Holmes had Norton and Cooney.  I could go on all day. The exclamation point missing from his career is his Pacquiao.  Floyd must fight him in order to seal the deal on his legacy.  We need to look back twenty years from now and say “remember that fight”.  As one of the biggest boxing fans in the past forty years, I remember every great title fight I witnessed and I saw them all.  I don’t have that signature memory of Floyd despite seeing everyone of his fights.  If he doesn’t face Pacquiao, he will walk away from the sport with more money than any of us could imagine and all of his faculties but with one very significant question regarding his career unanswered, “what if”?

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