Bodemeister To WIn Preakness

When I first saw Bodemeister, I thought he might be the first horse since Barbaro to have a shot at the triple crown.  His victory at the Arkansas Derby was impressive, winning by 9 lengths.  This horse is something special.  Unfortuantely, he ran out of gas and was beaten at the end by I’ll Have Another at the Derby.  Until that point however, he had put up some really impressive split times including a 45.39 for 4 furlongs.  What’s even more impressinve is despite that blazing 1/2 mile split, (4th fastest since 1980) he was still right there at the end.   The Preakness is 1/2 furlong shorter than the Derby at 9.5 furlongs and would have sent Bodemeister to the winner’s circle.  So there is no reason to believe he can’t repeat what he did at the Derby.   In not so scientific terms, Bode has something to prove.  Look for him to not only win the Preakness but to do it in impressive time.

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