Manny Pacquiao Banned For Free Speech

How crazy and oxymoronic is it that the very group of people who see themselves as liberal and progressive have no probelem with a man being banned from a mall for expressing his opinion?  Is that really the way liberals want to be perceived?  Whoever made the decision to ban him from The Grove, should offer an apology.   Is the lesson to be learned here that liberals only like and accept those that agree with their opinions?  Is that “Progressive”?  What an absolute disgrace that more people have not come out in favor of Manny if not for his words, for his right to express them.  How is that any less dangerous than the perception that the extreme conservatives are the oppressors of the country.  Someone of prominence on the left, with some guts, should speak up for Manny and express the sentement that the action of the Mall is unacceptable.  While he or she disagrees with his opinion, he has a right to express it.   But of course that won’t happen.  The message to the liberals here is don’t come off has a higher and mightier than the other side.  You are exactly the same, just on the opposite side.

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