Will Smith and Self Restraint

After viewing the footage of the reporter kissing Will Smith, I fully expected there to be an outcry of homophobia or some such nonsense.  I am happy to say to this point, none of that has materialized.  In the Martial Arts we discuss space and distance.  No one has the right to invade your space or to cross an “imaginary line” regardless of gender.  It could be perceived as threatening and is just plain inconsiderate and rude.  Either way, Will Smith acted not only appropriately, but with great restraint.  I am assuming with all of the training he did for the Ali movie, he is fairly proficient at throwing a punch and could have laid him out.  As it turns out, this same reporter is a prankster, albeit not very funny.  People in the public eye have to expect the publicity they receive, good and bad.  But they also have the right to be treated with respect.  The parasites who make their living off of these types of events and simply getting photos of famous people, should be aware that there are some out there, “real men” who won’t tolerate the crossing of that “imaginary line”.

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