Facebook Day 7 and the Search For New Revenue

I find it quite amusing that the powers that be at Facebook think the way to make money is through the development of a smart phone.   Could they really believe this is the answer to their problems?  Diversification through product development is a good idea, a must actually, but not through existing, competitive, saturated, product development.  Even if product developers come up with a new smart phone, how much market share does Zuckerberg and his boys think they will capture from Apple, Samsung and others?  Clearly this is not the answer.  More importantly, it shows lack of vision; the ability to think outside the box.  However, the Facebook group does need to develop something that will give them a unique view of the world,  that will generate big dollars.  This just isn’t it.  So here we are day 7 and again I have not yet looked at the opening because I feel very comfortable with my continuing prediction that Facebook will see $30.00 before it sees $40.00.  Over the next few weeks, potential investors should be looking at when to get in.  It might be longer than a few weeks.  But at some point, FB will be a bargain and that will be the time to jump.  In my view that price is anything under $20.00.

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