Paul Williams Boxing Career Over But it Ended Before Accident

At one time Paul Williams had the most promising boxing career ahead of him.  How many 6′ 2″ welterweights are there with an 82″ reach?  Not many.  Early on he seemed unbeatable but as he fought better and better opposition, there appeared a chink in the armor.  As it turns out Paul Williams had two major flaws which his handlers were never able to fix.  First, he consistently lead with his face.  If he missed with his punch he was almost certainly going to take a serious counter punch to the head.  Second he fought small.  If you have height and reach, use that to your advantage.  Don’t fight down to the smaller man.  This became evident in his first loss of his career to Carlos Quintana and then became completely clear with his loss to Martinez, which resulted in one of the most stunning knockouts in recent memory.  Ultimately, the problem with Williams was that he needed a new trainer, a Steward or Roach.  His trainers were no longer able to take him to the next level.  Paul Williams needed what Vladimir Klitschko needed, a new perspective, someone with more knowledge, someone who could teach him to fight like a big man.  Klitschko’s chin is no better than it was but he learned how not to get hit.   Sadly, Paul Williams career is over due to a motorcycle accident which has left him paralyzed.  We will never know the result of his upcoming fight with Alvarez but I can tell you my money and odds would have heavily favored the up and coming Alvarez.  Best wishes to Paul Williams on the toughest fight of his life which lies ahead.

One thought on “Paul Williams Boxing Career Over But it Ended Before Accident

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