Facebook Day 8

Facebook may rise briefly during this morning’s trading but should fall back after the morning traders, afraid to miss out, buy in.  However I believe we could see Facebook at $25.00 by end of day.   Overall it may be a down day as the futures are negative before the opening.  But don’t put too much stock in the European crisis as that changes daily.  Facebook needs to generate some news and I don’t mean marriage news, for the stock to see a turnaround.  At this point, no one should be surprised at the lackluster performance of Facebook.  Bargain hunters should be watching closely.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Day 8

  1. Face book is old news already. If you want to beat something to death, make it people. How about some knife against stick videos?

    • Sensei, I am putting together a series of self defense videos “Goshinjitsu” which will include Club v Knife. In additon, I am traveling to Tennessee next week to teach Cane v Knife which is a personal favorite category. OOOSSSEEE!!! Curtis

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