Healthcare and the Upcoming Supreme Court Decision

In just a few weeks, the US Supreme Court will determine if any or all of Obamacare is unconstitutional.  If that happens, a new plan will need to be put forth in order to address the skyrocketing costs of healthcare.  The notion that there are tens of millions of Americans who are uninsured is somewhat misleading.  All anyone without healthcare and has to do is walk in to a public hospital waiting room and be prepared to wait.  But he or she will eventually be seen.  It’s the reason that poor people in this country can have five children and middle class people one or two.  So let’s end the myth of anyone in this country not having access to medical care.  It’s the liberal argument for universal healthcare.  Having said that, there is a larger issue here; it is very expensive.  So what is the answer to this ongoing problem?  I have been saying it for years, since graduate school actually, that people who can afford to visit the doctor should pay in full to their primary physicians.  If someone visits a doctor for a routine checkup, pay the $100 or $150 and leave the insurance companies out of it.  We don’t need to pay $5,000 or $10,000 per annum just so we can pay $15.00 everytime we visit the doctor.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.  The only real issue for otherwise healthy people is “Catastrophic Care” should the patient need surgery or be diagnosed with a disease.  Therefore, the person who doesn’t visit the doctor but once a year, should be covered in case of a serious health issue but otherwise pay out-of-pocket.  Those that can’t afford to pay full price for general healthcare, should be subsidized by a system similar to Medicaid.  But one thing that can not continue is the cat and mouse game being played between doctors and insurance companies where the doctor over inflates his fees and the insurance companies pay what they want anyway.  It’s absolutely the stupidest system one can imagine.  Finally, let’s stop comparing the Canadian or European healthcare system with ours.  I spend a lot of time in Canada.  Their system would not work here and would not be wanted if people understood all of the ramifications.  To be discussed…..

3 thoughts on “Healthcare and the Upcoming Supreme Court Decision

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