Lohan Blames Brakes For Accident

Lindsay Lohan has blamed the brakes for causing the accident with the tractor-trailer.  Really?  Is she serious?  Does she believe there are that many foolish, gullible people in this world?  Why do I care?  Quite honestly, I don’t.  If Lohan wants to drive her car off a cliff, that’s her right as an American citizen.  And I certainly don’t care because of the fact she’s famous.  The reason I do care is she can hurt or kill an innocent person or people with her reckless behavior.  Lohan is nothing more that a spoiled Long Island brat from a crazy family who happened to be in a few movies.  That doesn’t and shouldn’t give her the right to endanger the lives of other people.  If it’s determined she was driving recklessly, (almost a certainty) her license should be revoked for five years.  The interesting thing about drug addicts is that they never start recovery until they hit rock bottom.  Apparently with all of her trouble, court appearances and jail time, she hasn’t hit the bottom.  I hope when she hits it, she doesn’t take anyone with her.

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