Timothy Bradley Manny Pacquiao Bring on Fight 2

It’s absolutely amazing how many people are stunned by the decision last evening.   The only real controversy is that long reins such as Manny’s are not usually lost in a split decision.  Having said that, the extremely competent judges, (Ross, Ford and Roth) called it as they saw it.  These are three incredibly competent judges and the fact that two of them had Bradley ahead at the end has to be respected.  Remember this wasn’t scored 118-110 or 117-111, this was two 115-113 for Bradley and the other for Pacquiao with the same score.  All three men saw it as a very close contest as did I.  And any talk about wanting to set up a second fight is just nonsense.  Had Manny won, it would have set the stage, once and for all, for a fight with Mayweather.  Now that fight almost certainly will not happen, not that it would have anyway.  I had the fight a draw so one round either way and there you have it.  The AP had the fight 117-111 for Many and that’s absurd.  One final comment, this fight was far better than any Mayweather fight in his entire career and better than a matchup than a fight between Manny and Floyd.  So bring on the rematch.  I’ll certainly be watching.

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