Yacht Explosion Hoax Not Funny

Yesterday’s call, reporting an explosion on a yacht off Sandy Hook is not only unfunny but caused a dangerous situation which might have resulted in delays to others in need due to the massive search.  It is an affront to anyone who has ever spent time on the water.  Whoever thought up this prank is clearly out of touch and if found, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which is 5-10 years in prison.  It’s difficult to understand how there are people out there who have nothing better to do than think up elaborate hoaxes.  The ocean is a special place and those who navigate her waters are bound by a mutual love of the sea.  There is a camaraderie, a unity that all boaters share which  is why they wave to each other as they pass.   This is the reason why the Titanic distress call allegedly ignored by the SS Californian was so contemptible.  The law of the sea dictates, commands that you help other seafarers in distress.  Boaters look out for each other almost as if they believe they are responsible for each other’s safety.  But there are times when outside resources are required.   Any time first responders are sent out on a rescue mission there is a level of danger.  It’s a sad commentary that there are people in the world that would put these men and women in danger in order to satisfy some sick need.

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