Poor Decision CNN On Casey Anthony Interview

Casey Anthony should not be given a forum or make any money on the tragic death of her daughter.  Piers Morgan should not have given her that stage and whatever amount of money CNN paid for her to speak to him.  Further to that, No one should be so curious as to listen to the interview because it really doesn’t matter what she has to say.  She is insignificant and irrelevant.  Yes she was acquitted by a jury of her peers but not necessarily due to her innocence, but the incompetence on the side of the Prosecution.  If you believe Caylee drowned and Casey and her father took her out to the woods and buried her, in my mind, that’s about on par with murder.  It shows a complete lack of judgement and calculated, evil intent.  If a mother is more concerned about getting in to trouble than the death of her child, that puts her in a place that I can’t comprehend.  Most loving parents would gladly give their lives for their children so why would one worry about getting in to trouble?  We should not be interested in the fact that they panicked.  That is not an acceptable excuse.  What could she have been thinking; “Caylee is dead anyway, what purpose would it serve if I get in trouble”?  It’s actually sick and deranged.  One big problem with crazy people is they can convince normal people that they too are normal.   It’s part of what makes them so brilliantly crazy.  Remember, she attempted to blame a completely innocent woman of the crime.  If she was innocent would she not want to look at the jury and plead her case; demand justice?!  But since Casey is such a detestable figure it would not have been to her benefit.  Afterall, she was acquitted on the most serious charge.  Finally, and I repeat, do not allow this person to reap the benefits of her daughter’s death because of morbid curiosity.  No other news agencies or talk shows should give her center stage.  I thought long and hard about listening to the interview before writing this but then realized I already know what she’s going to say.  She’s had plenty of time to rehearse her script.  I still believe she murdered her daughter.    At the very least, she was a horrible, cold and calculating mother and I use the term mother very loosely.   Her punishment should be life as a pariah.  She earned that title.

One thought on “Poor Decision CNN On Casey Anthony Interview

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