Jerry Sandusky Annother “Innocent” Guilty Person

Our jails are full of  “innocent people”.  And while there are absolutely people in prison serving time for crimes they didn’t commit, the vast majority are guilty and many times guilty.  Jerry Sandusky is sitting on trial because he is a sick individual who put himself in a position of access to his prey; a shark in seal rich waters.  This is no different from the child molester Priest.  All of those cases didn’t involve crazy Priests gone wild, they were pedophiles who became Priests in order to have access to young boys.  The Church unfortunately chose to ignore the widespread problem, making it complacent.  Sandusky, if he believes his innocence, should take the stand and defend himself.  When much younger, I interned with a judge in Brooklyn Criminal Court.  Nine times out of ten the accused did not take the stand.  I just always felt that if you’re innocent, now is the time to stand up and declare it, not hide behind your attorney.  But they were really hiding behind their guilt hoping no one would find them.  With so many victims and so much evidence it’s going to be difficult for his lawyer to stand there and discredit each one as money hungry predators; an ironic metaphor.  The shame of it all is that there are many more like him out there.  This good ol boy, football mentality in particular, needs to be overhauled.  As a Martial Artist I certainly understanding the bonding, the adrenaline, the let’s go show em attitude that’s difficult to explain if you haven’t experienced it.  But one thing my Martial Arts Instructor taught me from day one is “the day I ask you to do anything immoral or illegal, that’s the day you should stop being my student”.  I never forgot it and he is my instructor to this day.  Rest in Peace Joe Paterno but shame on you for not doing more.  There is simply no way in the world he didn’t have at least some notion of what was happening.  He should have gone straight to the authorities.  Never mind this chain of command crap.  Not when it comes to the lives of children.  For those of you who are naive enough to believe he is innocent until proven guilty, those are wonderful words, but not in this case.  When this trial ends, I am confident the “innocent” Sandusky will be found guilty and spend the rest of his life in prison.  Unfortunately, he has many more years behind than lie ahead.

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