Judo the Martial Art of the Deal


For those unfamiliar, Judo is a sport which was founded in the year 1882 by the Honorable Dr. Jigoro Kano.  Judo means gentle way.   It is a system of throws, take downs, joint locks and strangulation techniques.  I often refer to Judo as a Complete Martial Art.  Judo was naturally born from Ju Jitsu, which was systematized in the Japanese year of tenmon or 1532.  Ju Jitsu was the Art of the Samurai Warriors who needed to develop a system of hand-to hand combat.  They were the military nobility of ancient Japan; essentially the policemen.  Dr. Kano studied two schools of Ju Jitsu which helped him establish and develop Judo; Tenjin Shin Yo Ryu and Kito Ryu.  The brilliance of Judo is the ability to use an opponents force against him.  Instead of fighting as two immovable objects, you transform your opponents energy and use it to your benefit.   It was several years after…

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