Make No Mistake Mubarak Was Friend To US

As the world waits to hear whether or not Hosi Mubarak has died or remains in a coma, we should not allow Mubarak to be portrayed as an evil man, as many will undoubtedly attempt to do.  Several facts can not be denied.  Fact #1 – Mubarak was a great friend to the United States.  Fact #2 – he was a great friend to Israel.  Fact #3 – He maintained  great stability in the region.  Fact #4 – following 911 he worked closely with the US and provided any information and support that we requested of him.   Unquestionably there are many people who hate him and will celebrate his death when he is gone.  They include, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, all other extremist Muslims and some legitimate people who were absolutely treated horribly by his regime.  But that is not at issue here.  We all have friends we disagree with but we remain friends nonetheless.  In terms of the man, and friend, Mubarak will be missed.  The current situation in Egypt is quite tenuous and closely mirrors one of another former leader from the middle east, The Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.  He too was a great friend of the United States and we stood by him at the end which set off a whole series of events. We did the correct thing by allowing him in to our country for medical treatment but it allowed his opposition to seize on that unpopular decision.  In managing relationships throughout the world, particularly in the middle east, you must choose you poison.  Hopefully it’s not arsenic.  There are no clear good and bad guys in the Arab world.  Unfortunately, the government that succeeded him, remains to this day and it is certainly not better than the one it replaced?  Let’s hope Egypt doesn’t follow in the footsteps of the Iranian model.   Since there is zero precedence for democracy in the Arab world, I hold little hope that Egypt will be the first.

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