Victim in LA Freeway Assault Not a Victim

At first glance it appeared that a fight on an LA freeway might be staged.  It wasn’t actually much of a fight or assault for that matter.  But one thing is for sure, the victim should never have gotten out of his car.  If he was being followed, as he claimed, he should have exited the freeway and found a police station, fire station etc.  Nothing to gain in this situation.  But as importantly, the victim threw the first shot, albeit a very weak left front snap kick.  Once he threw that kick, he became the aggressor.  In my estimation he also escalated the altercation.  He would have done better not to through that horrendous kick (he should be dropped for push-ups), as the man he was fighting was able to catch the second one.  The two other idiots would have probably been ok if they hadn’t kicked the man when he was down.  That’s never going to win you much sympathy in court.  They have been arrested and may or may not serve time depending on the competence of their attorneys.  The moral of this story is “the best fight is the one not fought”  Had the so-called victim gotten out of his car and apologized for cutting them off, perhaps all of the unpleasantness might have been avoided.  Finally, “never fight unless you have more to gain than you have to lose”.  In this case there was Nothing to gain and everything to lose.  These morons should heed that advice in the future.

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