Bus Video Needs to be Put to Bed

Come on citizens of the world.  Are we really that hard up for a heroine, for an underdog, that we feel compelled to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for a mistreated bus monitor?  I am absolutely blown away by the outcry over this video.  But of course, that is the world of social media.  Two important issues must be addressed and then this needs to be put to bed.  First, as I stated yesterday, the kids involved are rotten little kids who need some discipline and should be punished.  However, Ms. Klein just sat there and accepted the incoming barrage which tells me she shouldn’t have been there in the first place.  She couldn’t control a few, young, foul-mouthed teenagers?  Really?  Is this woman a heroine because she took abuse and is still standing?  Is that how mediocre we’ve become?  Secondly, we supposedly live in a democratic country and if free speech applies to some, it must apply to all.  Foul speech needs as much protection as kind speech or it all means nothing.  The police are investigating this incident.  Obviously they don’t have much else going on.  In the tirade, I heard nothing resembling a threat or evil intention.  The comments were just horrible and mean.  But hopefully, the right to call someone fat is not restricted speech or we’re all in big trouble.  The far left and far right agendas can not be the standard for which we judge our morals.  The first Amendment states clearly that Congress shall make no laws “abridging the freedom of speech”.  Both sides want restricted speech but for different reasons, (puritanical, religious nonsense on the right and forcible acceptance on the left).  They are one in the same on opposite ends of the spectrum.   A congresswoman should be able to say vagina and an insensitive person should be able to use the word faggot.  If people are offended, don’t be friends with them.  Don’t vote for them.  You may not like the spoken words, but they must be protected!!

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