Jerry Sandusky Guilty on 45 Counts

Jerry Sandusky has been convicted on forty-five counts and will in all likelihood spend the rest of his life in prison.  There appears to be justice in the world.  However, minutes after the conviction was handed down Sandusky’s lawyers announced they would appeal the case.  This is obviously common practice when your client is going away for ever and you have no other recourse.  But it raises a large issue and one I believe has always been a flaw in our legal system.  The appeals process is often not about guilt or innocence, but procedure.  Find a constitutional issue and hope the appeals court will listen.   There is almost a zero chance of this appeal going anywhere as much based on public opinion as legitimate legal grounds but it’s still very troubling.   There are many legitimate legal protections, i.e. Miranda, the 5th Amendment etc, but looking for tiny holes in the law to overturn a monster’s conviction is a travesty of justice.  Arguments could be made to refute my statement but in the end it’s about justice for the victims.  Nothing that happened in that courtroom unfairly stacked the deck against Sandusky.  He made it very easy.  Hopefully his jail term will include a predator just like he and then perhaps Sandusky will understand, or not, but justice will then be truly served.

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