Victor Ortiz Again a Big Question Mark

At the end of last night’s match Victor Ortiz certainly looked like a man who could have had a broken jaw but until we see the doctors report, we will never know.  If you looked at the two fighters at the end of the fight, one might conclude that Lopez was behind as his face was becoming fairly grotesque.  He was a man who had been pretty well battered but he wanted this more than Ortiz I suppose.  Once again Victor has raised all sorts of questions.  Did his head cost him the fight?   Was he indeed looking past Lopez to a super fight with Alvarez?  The answer to both questions is definitely, maybe.  But more importantly, I am growing tired of waiting to see the “Real” Ortiz.  At this point he is putting himself in a position of insignificance.  I am not questioning his heart from last night’s fight, he fought bravely, but I am questioning his head.  Lopez’ left eye was almost sealed shut.  He was beginning to look like a defeated fighter and all Ortiz needed to do was box and continue to work at that eye, and the ref might have been forced to stop it.  Ortiz stopping the fight raises questions.  Does anyone remember the quote, “I don’t need this” and so on.  If he turns out his jaw is broken, then perhaps it was the right decision.  But even if that turns out to be the case, Ortiz again raised more questions than he provided answers.

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