Judo – Gentle Way

I was watching an MMA fight last night on Showtime and while the fighters were very tough, they lacked basic Judo skills that could have ended the fight quickly and efficiently, especially when they were locked in a clinch.  Judo is a sport and in Japanese translates to “Gentle Way” Do meaning “Way” or the “Way Of” and Ju meaning “Gentle”. The way of gentleness.  In an earlier post I explained that Judo was created by the Honorable Dr. Jigoro Kano in Japan, in the year 1882.  Dr Kano used different schools of Ju Jitsu including Tenjin Shin’yo and Kito Ryu, in founding Judo.  Dr Kano wrote and presented the concept of winning battles by “yielding to strength”  It is based on balance and physics, allowing a smaller man to defeat a larger man.  All Martial Artists have favorite techniques; the two or three techniques he or she would naturally use in the heat of battle, “Mushin” without thought.  I have always considered myself a Judoka.  Judo is what I love most in the Arts and can be devastating in battle if executed properly.  Over the next period of months I will describe different Judo throws and self-defense techniques (Goshinjitsu) using those Judo Throws.  It is not possible to learn self-defense from a book or a blog, but it can be a supplement to training for some or maybe just an interest to others.  It will be taught correctly with the proper respect to my Sensei’s as they learned it from their Sensei’s and to the country from where it was founded; by the book.  Due to that fact, I will always present the throw in Japanese with an english translation.  The first throw will be O Soto Gari – Major Outer Reaping Throw.  Domo Origato.

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