Tips for the Non-Frequent Flyer

Even if you only fly once or twice a year, there are things you should know that can make your flight more enjoyable. Here is a list which I hope is helpful.  1) Get a credit card tied to your favorite airline.  It will allow you to apply points for preferred seating, waived baggage fees and access to Airline clubs.  Clubs make your wait at the airport much more enjoyable.  They have complimentary coffee, tea, bagels, wine & beer, and food for purchase, along with newspapers and magazines.  Many clubs have places to recline and even showers for long journeys.  How do you choose a favorite airline?  The internet makes it simple or call the airline directly.  2) Each carrier has hubs and smaller markets where they fly.  With a little research you can obtain this information.  For example, American Airlines flies to Miami but not West Palm Beach.  If you frequent Lake Worth or Boca Raton, you should be flying Delta, United or JetBlue.  Delta’s presence in New York City has dramatically increased since a deal was reached and approved, regarding taking over most of the US Air gates at LaGuardia.  Remember, not every airline flies to every city and not every airline flies direct to those cities.  3) Once you have chosen an airline, sign up for its notification updates.  Airlines will send you messages on your smartphone regarding flight delays, gate departures, and baggage claim areas when you land.  This provides you with useful information and is a great convenience.  4) Dress appropriately.  Wear loafers or any shoes without laces.  Know what you can and can’t take through security, i.e. liquids greater than three ounces.  Laptop computers need to be placed in a bin and sent through the X-Ray machine.  If you don’t want to walk barefoot, through security, wear socks or bring socks with you.  Security lines move slowly when people aren’t prepared.   5) When boarding, don’t block the aisles.  Find your seat, and throw up your bag in to the overhead compartment.  Lines back up because people forget there are 150 other people waiting to board. 6) Turn off your laptops and phones when asked to by the flight attendants.  Frequent fliers and actors tend to ignore this because of some entitlement problem.  It is inconsiderate to the other passengers and the captain has the right to remove you from the plane if you give the flight attendants any grief, so just do it.   And if you’re like me and love to fly.  Bon Voyage; Happy Flying.

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