Obama’s Failed Middle East Foreign Policy

Nowhere is President Obama’s failure in foreign policy more clearly evident than in the fact Secretary Clinton is visiting Israel for only the fourth time since he became President.  Her current visit is her first in the last twenty-two months.  That is totally unacceptable.  The Middle East is too important to ignore.  President Obama has been hardest on one of our closest allies and softer on the most evil of regimes i.e. North Korea, and Iran.  Not interested in hearing about sanctions.  Cuba, located ninety miles off the Florida coast, has had tough sanctions for fifty years and that regime is still in power.  President Obama believed he was going to enter the Whitehouse and all parties, all over the world, would succumb to his charisma.  He was  seriously mistaken and unbelievably naive.  Truly evil people and truly evil regimes can not be reasoned with.  You don’t sell your friends down the river in order to placate the rest of the world, or certain countries.  This points to another great weakness of this President.  Whatever ones opinion of the conflict in the Middle East, Israel is and has always been our closest ally.  She would not deny the US her airspace if we needed her or bases from which to launch planes.  You remain loyal to your friends under any circumstances, period.  That’s where a lack of military experience comes in to play.  But he has also lost credibility with the Palestinians due to his lack of involvement.  He has done the least in this area of the world than any sitting President since the establishment of Israel in 1948.  Compare his involvement to President Clinton’s and it’s apparent.  What’s most ironic however, is a man who became President for his ideology of diplomacy has become best known for killing of terrorists and many civilians along the way.  President Obama must reverse course and play a more active role in the peace process in the Middle East.  If not, whether he is re-elected, it will be considered one of his greatest failures.

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