Shark Cull Off Australia

I was quite disheartened to read about the planned culling of Great Whites by the Australians, in order to reduce the shark population.   No one really knows for sure the exact numbers of Great Whites in our oceans, but there is little disagreement they are endangered.  It’s the very reason they were protected by the Australians in the first place.  Great White Sharks are scary creatures.  Smaller ones can bite a man in half, larger ones can swallow a man whole.  Having seen many and touched many, as they were brought off boats, there is something incredible about them.  They are primitive looking, yet perfectly adapted for their environment.   They are built for hunting, killing and eating.  Sharks are the big fish in the big pond.   However, that doesn’t morally justify the mass slaughter of Great Whites simply because a surfer was killed.   The fact remains the surfer was in the shark’s habitat and not the other way around.  Most scientists and shark enthusiasts do not believe sharks purposefully hunt humans.  More likely, surfers on a board, look similar to its favorite food, the seal.  They are simply doing what is instinctual to them and should not be punished for it.  As in any sport, there are risks.  You either accept those risks or you don’t.  The Australians should have spotters on the beaches and nets to cordon off areas around the beaches.  But even with these and other heightened measures, you can’t make the beaches 100% safe.   One thing I am sure about, it’s illogical and immoral to kill off the sharks simply so swimmers and surfers can use the water as their playground.  In fact, I can’t think of a worse reason to kill innocent, endangered life than that one.

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