Pete Rose Should be in The Hall of Fame

Strictly by the numbers, Pete Rose’s Career statistics read as follows; BA .303, Hits 4256, Runs 2165.  He hit 746 doubles and accumulated 1314 RBI mostly as a leadoff or number 2 hitter.  There are many players who never reached 746 hits, let alone doubles.  He earned the nickname “Charlie Hustle”.  He played the game from day one, until he retired with everything he had.  He never jogged to first base.  He “hustled” to first, even when walked.   He wasn’t Mr Personality; a blue-collar guy from Cincinnati, Ohio.  But boy he could he play.  I don’t know if he invented the head first slide but he certainly perfected it.  He just played the game with such grit and determination that even if you weren’t a fan, you had to love the manner in which he played; the way it was meant to be played.   His hit total may never be broken.  I say that with conviction because Pete  Rose played 23 seasons, through pain and injury, never wanting to sit on the bench.  To put his hit total in to perspective, Derrick Jeter, who has 3205 hits, would have to accumulate at least 150 hits over the next 7 seasons just to tie Rose.  That might not seem like a lot to some but consider this fact, in 17 seasons, Jeter had 200 or more hits only 7 times.  It’s a lot to ask of a man who is already 38 years old.  Pete Rose bet on baseball.  It was wrong and  just plain stupid.  But today we forgive players for all kinds of infractions.  What would the game be without Josh Hamilton? So why is this man, who had more hits than anyone who ever played, not being considered for the Hall of Fame?  People deserve second chances and someone like Rose, whose love for the game was on display every time he ran on to he field, certainly does.  It’s time for the Commissioner to lift the ban and induct Pete Rose in to the Baseball Hall of Fame where he belongs.

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