Follow-Up To Hannity

As it turns out, Fox ran the interview with George Zimmerman and NBC replayed it.  I wrote my previous Hannity post prior to the airing of that interview.  As expected, Zimmerman’s story was very well rehearsed and he had plenty of time to make sure there were no holes.  That is why I was against it in the first place.  For example, when he explains that Trayvon Martin reached for his gun, he states that it was “no longer his gun”.  It was “the gun”.  Very clever advice from anyone advising him.  He certainly didn’t think that up on his own.   He even refers to god to justify the murder of Trayvon Martin.  It was meant to happen that way and who is he to question the Almighty?  One final point, Zimmerman said he wasn’t pursuing Trayvon, he was simply walking in the same direction and seeing where he was going.  Can anyone explain to me the difference?  Trayvon won’t get the same opportunity to tell his side of the story and shame on Fox and NBC for airing it.  I understand the world of TV revolves around ratings but where is Trayvon’s truth; his side of the story?  Nevermind Fox, NBC had no moral issue with replaying the interview because it gave air time to Trayvon’s grieving parents?  Zimmerman probably won sympathy from some people who will now think this was just an unfortunate incident.   I have reached my judgement based on many, many years of experience.  I understand altercations.  I have been involved in several, having to literally, defend myself.  While Zimmerman deserves his day in court, which is why this is America and not Iran, I only hope this interview hasn’t swayed public opinion against Trayvon.  People can be gullible, trusting, or innocent take your choice.  It’s difficult for people to imagine that this well dressed, well spoken man could have done something so horrible.  But Trayvon also deserves his day in court.  I only hope he and his family receive the justice and closure they deserve.

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