Hannity Should Not Give Zimmerman Center Stage

We can all agree that Sean Hannity often says and does things that are controversial.  I never see a problem with controversy because anything that stirs debate or discussion is healthy.   What we know at this point, is George Zimmerman or a representative reached out to Sean Hannity so he could tell his side of the story, to declare his innocence no doubt, but Hannity is not yet talking.   Hannity should not give air time to a cold-blooded murderer and that is exactly what he is.  He sought out Trayvon Martin and shot him as intended.  Why would a community watch person be carrying a sidearm?  Why would he not stand down after being told just that by the dispatcher.  Had he waited a few minutes, police would have been on scene and needless violence would have been averted.  What Zimmerman did was provoke a confrontation because the coward knew he was armed.  Had a confrontation ensued, and Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in hand-to-hand combat, this story might look a little different.  But even then, he would have been guilty because of the provocation.  If Hannity gives him a forum he will be putting the dead victim on trial and he can no longer defend himself.  There is absolutely no evidence that points to Trayvon Martin doing anything but walking through the neighborhood.  Let me also make another very crucial point.  Zimmerman’s injuries mean absolutely nothing.  They are obviously the result of an altercation.  Putting ourselves in Trayvon’s shoes, he, in all likelihood, thought he was being attacked and that his life was in danger.  As it turned out, it was.  And it was ended by a lousy wannabe who wanted to play superhero but was nothing more than a low life thug.  Sean Hannity often speaks about topics he knows little about.  That’s the beauty of being on TV.  There are a bunch of little interns running around who gather facts and feed them to the big know nothing.  It’s actually a very simple job.  But in this case, if Hannity gives Zimmerman air time, he needs to be called to the carpet.  George Zimmerman must be found guilty of murder and locked up for many years.  He must serve as an example to other vigilantes who might otherwise take the law in to their own hands.  Anything less, will send the wrong message.

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